D-MINE™ is a wireless electronic training system for training demining personnel.

The system simulates authentic landmines and IED Booby Traps and alerts the instructor when a mine has been triggered.
When training with D-MINE™ the demining personnel become more confident and they feel more secure when they are about to clear their first real mines.

The training system is absolutely safe to use without any smoke or gun powder.


D-MINE™ consists of a control panel and ten training mines that communicate individually with the control panel through a wireless radio link. Each triggered mine is indicated by a light-emitting diode on the control panel, telling exactly which mine(s) has been triggered. A sound signal can be used as an additional indication for triggered mines.

The indication for a triggered mine is easy to reset by using a reset-button on the control panel.
The training mines reset themselves automatically and do not need to be uncovered in order to proceed with the exercise.
The training mines can be placed up to a distance of 30 meters from the control panel, which under the right conditions makes it possible to mine over 2500 square meters.

A complete D-MINE training system consists of 30 training mines:

10 pcs AP-R1001    training Blast Mine

10 pcs TW-R1002  training Trip Wired Mine

10 pcs IED-R1003  training IED Mine

Each D-MINE™ kit contains:

  • 10 individually coded training mines
  • Control panel
  • Tripod
  • Heavy duty transport case Peli 1630
  • Battery charger
  • Manual


The D-MINE IED-Training Improvised Explosive Device is a new sophisticated electronically operated device used at booby-trap training and has been developed in close cooperation with ANAMA.

The IED device offers anti-lifting, anti-tilting, anti-vibration and trip-wiring functions. Buttons with LED-indications for the chosen functions easily activate settings. All four functions can be set in advance or, if chosen, one at a time. Because of the compact measures of the construction (90x90x30 millimeters or 3.54x3.54x1.18 inches), the IED can be easily hidden for the trainees at anti-handling/tilting/vibration trainings or in house-clearance operations.